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JIC fixtures at HFI fluid power services and products. Evolving higher stress and more demanding hydraulic systems expose the steel to metal flare fitting rendering it extremely tough to have a permanent leak free flared fitting joint. To communicate with our techConnect engineer team straight, they could be reached at Parker Tube Fittings Division , 614.279.7070.

Teflon tape or pipeline thread sealant is not required. This adapter fitting links pipelines or fixtures with different end types, diameters, or materials. The 37° flare fixtures are made for use with thin-wall to medium-thickness tubing in systems with operating pressures to 3,000 psi. Commonly named just JIC fittings these steel to metal sealing type fixtures have actually a 37° flare (sealing exterior angle) and right United nationwide Fine straight Threads (UNF).

These JIC fixtures are equal to JIC fittings from Parker, Eaton, Aeroquip, Weatherhead, and Gates Hydraulics. Within the hydraulics industry, JIC and a fittings are terms thrown around and sought out on the web interchangeably. Adapter fitting consists of steel and contains JIC male and -ring boss connectors. Many Hydraulic systems that use JIC fixtures, also use -ring employer fixtures.

Our seal maintains the low profile, flexibility, and world-wide option of flared fixtures. The rubber-to-metal seal in -ring fittings will not distort any steel components and offers a concrete “feel” once the connection is tight. JIC male also can seal against 37° flared tubing with JIC nut and sleeve. This means that while these products may look similar, you mustn’t use a commercial 37° flare fitting design as a primary replacement.

In Line With The Wikipedia web page : JIC fittings are trusted in gas distribution and fluid power applications, especially where ruthless (up to 10,000 psi) is involved” The JIC fitting makes use of its flared sitting surface to seal, rather than an -ring that could corrode or the old-tapered threads of NPTF fixtures.

Seepage around threads should be expected when pipeline fittings are used in high-pressure hydraulic systems. The pipe suitable is composed of three pieces: the body, the nut together with sleeve. JIC fixtures are not ranked of these stress ratings, specially in high vibration applications. Copper seal with standard Loctite Vibra seal coating for typical aluminum and metal fittings.

Flared Fitting Leaks are most often caused by misalignment, surface harm and vibration within the industry. Well I’m know that in my own hydro bender i’ve NPT, JIC, and a fixtures? But is inescapable that connections must be broken to allow servicing or changing elements, therefore detachable fixtures are absolutely essential for all however the many specialized hydraulic systems.

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